Data Points Your Telematics Captures

Odometer Readings | Engine Hour Time Capture | Trouble Codes | Location | Asset System of Record

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The telematics system captures several important data points that are beneficial for effective fleet management:

  1. Odometer Readings: Accurate capture of Engine Control Module (ECM) based mileage helps ensure preventive maintenance (PM) schedules are effectively managed, avoiding costly repairs and engine failures.
  2. Engine Hour Time Capture: For heavy-duty vehicles, capturing engine hours directly from the ECM or using cumulative engine run time optimizes hourly-based PM schedules, reducing unnecessary repairs and maximizing vehicle uptime.
  3. Trouble Codes: Real-time capture of trouble codes (DTCs) and Malfunction Indicator Lights (MILS) allows prompt identification and resolution of critical vehicle problems. Mechanics can diagnose and prioritize issues before the vehicle reaches the shop, reducing downtime.
  4. Location: Location updates provided by the telematics system assist maintenance staff in locating vehicles and assets requiring service. This eliminates time spent searching and allows staff to focus on their duties.
  5. Asset System of Record: The telematics platform serves as the system of record for all asset data. Changes and updates in the fleet are recorded, allowing for the management of a single database of assets. This integrated approach improves efficiency, productivity, and data management for maintenance systems and GPS/telematics platforms.

Overall, leveraging these captured data points enhances fleet maintenance, reduces costs, improves efficiency, and streamlines operations for fleet management.

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