Fleet Management Benefits

Finding ways to maintain your fleet’s health and cut down on costs is a huge priority for fleet professionals today.

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Integrating ES Fleet Management GPS | Telematics with your existing fleet management system offers several benefits for fleet professionals. The top four advantages of choosing this integration are as follows:

  1. Cost Savings through Preventive Maintenance: Accurate Engine Control Module (ECM) based mileage tracking provided by ES Fleet Management ensures that preventive maintenance schedules are up to date and effective, ultimately saving thousands of dollars in long-term repair costs.
  2. Optimized PM Schedules: ES Fleet Management captures engine hours directly from the ECM, enabling fleet professionals to fully optimize preventive maintenance schedules and avoid costly repairs for heavy-duty vehicles.
  3. Real-time Accurate Data: ES Fleet Management provides real-time, accurate data, eliminating the need for manual data entry from other systems. This streamlines decision-making processes and reduces the time-consuming task of gathering and inputting meter readings.
  4. Improved Asset Location and Workflow: ES Fleet Management sends updates directly to the ES ERP system, allowing fleet professionals to quickly locate vehicles or assets that require servicing. This saves time for maintenance staff, enabling them to focus more on their tasks.

Moreover, the integration between ES Fleet Management and ES ERP ensures that changes or modifications made in one system automatically flow into the other. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and allows for efficient management of asset data in both the maintenance system and GPS | Telematics platform.

In summary, integrating ES Fleet Management GPS | Telematics with your fleet management system provides cost savings through preventive maintenance, optimized PM schedules, real-time accurate data, improved asset location, and streamlined data management processes. This integration offers fleet professionals a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency and reduces costs in fleet operations.

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