Three Preventive Maintenance Issues and How to Fix Them

Have you ever run into issues with effective preventive maintenance at your organization? Are your processes inefficient, inaccurate or forgotten altogether?

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This blog addresses three common issues related to preventive maintenance and provides effective solutions for each:

  1. Solution #1: Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule + PM Checklist Implementing a PM schedule in an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system ensures that work tasks are scheduled and automated, preventing staff from forgetting maintenance activities. PM checklists provide clear, ordered tasks for technicians to follow, improving efficiency and effectiveness. An EAM system allows users to check off tasks, pause work, and allows multiple technicians to work on the same checklist.
  2. Solution #2: PM Checklist + Test Results Combining PM checklists with test results enhances data capture. An EAM system supports recording a variety of observations, including multimedia like photos and videos, timestamps, and calibrations. By integrating checklists and test results, formal observations are recorded step-by-step, saving time and providing immediate results, accountability, and an audit trail.
  3. Solution #3: Date-based PM + Meter-based PM Date-based PM is a straightforward approach, scheduling maintenance activities based on predictable calendar intervals. This strategy is suitable for most assets, especially those with seasonal patterns. An EAM system supports a mix of preventive maintenance strategies, including corrective maintenance, meter-based maintenance (based on usage), predictive maintenance (sensor-based), and condition-based maintenance (prioritizing based on asset condition).

By implementing these solutions and leveraging an EAM system, organizations can overcome preventive maintenance challenges, improve efficiency, and ensure the longevity of their assets.

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