Agile refers to software development methodologies and frameworks that emphasize iterative delivery of working software, rapid and flexible response to change, and leveraging feedback to improve user-focused outcomes. The Agile approach to software development usually results in a product that is designed, engineered, and validated to decrease risk and increase business value to the greatest extent possible. Agile engineering methodologies are being widely adopted as a means of quickly responding to market opportunities, accelerating software development, and reducing cost.

In addition to using Agile in our own development work, we assist with the Agile process solution at the program and delivery team levels. We help clients implement the Agile mindset as well as particular Agile methodologies and frameworks. We also help clients structure their Agile development processes to ensure efficiency and scalability while arming them with customized metrics for tracking the efficiency of their Agile development.

The Agile approach allows the development of software that functions cost-effectively and is deployed quickly.

  1. Reduced time-to-market
  2. Reduced development costs
  3. High quality, user-focused outcome
  4. Customer ownership of the product
  5. Efficient utilization of resources
  6. Low risk throughout the development process
  7. Adaptability to changing the software design